Jenna Charlette, jzl

On shoot day in the Hollywood Hills, Jenna came ready to dominate my camera, amongst other things. When I went to greet her outside, it was like the slow motion button was pushed as I watched her slide out of her shiny-white beamer as she radiated the perfect amount of sexy and fierceness. I wanted to rewind and re-watch that scene. But I shook my head and realized this was real life not a movie. Lucky me.

Once out of the car the first precious words out her mouth were “where are the shots?!”  This made my heart melt. A girl that likes taking shots more than me is hard to find, so when I find one, I never let her go. At least for the next few hours until we get some killer photos.

After powering through multiple steamy looks it was time for the finale-wrestling scene. I definitely have some kind of fetish for chicks in wrestling masks. I mean who doesn’t? Since I was lacking an assistant, I got stuck with the hard task of rubbing oil all over Jenna’s rock hard bod. After the lather session I washed my hands, like a doctor getting ready to operate, and got serious and focused …. Well, I got focused. I don’t think I’ve ever been serious about anything… unless its taking shots. I don’t joke about shots.

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