JZL recently had the privilege of collaborating with the artistic minds of Evan Mendel (A Wonderful Mistake) and Curtis Scoville (You May Want) to create this wild 48 in x 60 in canvas art piece.

The piece is combination of artistic skills including photography, portrait sketching and vibrant graphic paint colors. The artist trio had the ambition to create a piece that pops to the viewer. They used a variety of art materials including newspaper, spray paint, acrylic paint, sharpie and acrylic pens.

The piece took 12 hours to complete starting with pasting a blown up JZL photo as the background photo; which was later ripped at the edges.  After the first photo was in place the layering process was in full swing and paint and ink were then added to give it a retro finished look.

This is the first piece from this artistic collaborative team.

To check out more work from these artist visit: www.awonderfulmistake.com and www.youmaywant.com

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