Camping, Shooting and “Chillaxing” in Kauai, Hawaii

I got bored so I moved to Hawaii.

I left the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, California and headed to the island of Oahu where I lived for eight months. Soon after I decided I needed a vacation so I ventured to the island of Kauai on a photographic journey. Well, actually just a camping, surfing and chillaxing trip with five good friends. Tough life huh?

I was on a mission to take mind-blowing pictures and perhaps find some sexy female beach babes who wouldn’t mind striking a pose for my camera. When I realized the lack of sexy women in bikinis my friends Beny, Vince, Jeremy, Chian, and Tomas made due as picture subjects. It was quite the experience hanging with these guys because they’re from either France or Germany, which gave me a different perspective on “adventuring.” I loved it.

Once we landed on the island we immediately set out to rent some wheels. It didn’t help we are all under 25 years old, making it impossible to get a car at the commercial car rental places. Our luck shifted when we stumbled across Island cars, a super laid back affordable car rental place where we nabbed an off road Ford Expedition for five days costing a whopping $200.00 bucks! What a deal for five adventurous guys ready to tackle the island.

We spent the next five days cruising around dirt roads, enjoying the tropical beauty, exploring stunning secluded beaches, surfing endless waves and simply chillaxing. Kauai is known as the island with the most rain but we added to our good luck with perfect weather the whole week. Every night we grilled on the beach and slept under the thousands of stars illuminating the sky.

It’s a rewarding and invigorating experience camping out instead of retiring to one of the ritzy hotels. Camping out gives you the full experience of your surroundings. If you are an adventure seeker or ever just need a vacation from your vacation, Kauai is the perfect place with its lack of people and dreamlike atmosphere. Kauai is a trekker’s paradise with endless trails overlooking the islands shoreline and cant be missed if you find yourself heading to the Hawaiian Islands.

If you are planning to venture to Kauai here is a list of a few places adventure-seekers must go:

Na Pali Coast
Consisting of various hiking areas that can go from two to eleven miles along beautiful coastline.

Hanakapiai Falls
Found about 3.5 miles in Na Pali Coast trail, Hanakapiai Falls is where you can find an amazing waterfall that you can see 410 feet from the ground and goes up to 1600 feet high.

Kalalau Lookout

Overlooking Kalalau, one of the most popular valleys in Hawaii, the lookout is located in the Waimea Canyon. This is not to be missed! Had one of the nicest view I have ever seen.

By James Thompson

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