Tina Louise Bike scene

I couldn’t think of a better model to feature first on my updated site than Tina Louise (@Miss_Tina_Louise).

I’ve had the privilege of shooting Tina multiple times since first meeting her last year. With her jokes and contagious smile she can put anyone in the best mood. Tina is all for breaking boundaries and doing things out of the ordinary, which is my kind of model. I’m surprised we get any work done because I’m basically laughing the entire time we shoot. Try keeping a camera still while a hot-funny babe is standing right in front of you. This is tough work guys. My job isn’t easy. But I somehow manage.

For this shoot we wanted to do some edgy street looks involving leather jackets, black thongs and of course, street biker props. We found the perfect location in a back alley of a store on Melrose Ave. I wanted to keep the background simple to contrast with her tattoos. In case you haven’t realized by now, have a thing for chicks wearing helmets and drinking slurpees. I needed to involve my fetish on this one. My favorite saying during this shoot was “good, now how can we sex it up?”

Thanks for checking out the photos! I have a lot more with Tina to come so stay tuned!

By James Thompson (@PartyLikeJZL)

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